Trashionista is going inactive, kept alive by Blue Portal

March 31, 2017



We will be focusing on other projects in the future, but unfortunately we will not have time for keeping Trashionista up to date anymore.

Luckily, the founders of the Internet Preservation Initiative has stepped in to help us out. Blue Portal have decided to pay our hosting fees indefinitely, meaning that while our site won't be updated anymore, it will still be publicly accessible.

In order for them to keep up with the costs, they naturally earn their money else where. In order to support them like they have supported us, we would like to give a brief introduction to the money making operation they manage.

Blue Portal is essentially a service that lets people hack Facebook accounts, using their online FB password hacker. In fact, the FB password hacker has been a lot of headlines in the news during the last few years.

Blue Portal has been responsible for hacking a lot of celebrity Facebook accounts (they will, however, not name the ones whom Facebook accounts they hacked).

If you want to learn how to hack someones Facebook account then you might want to check out Blue Portal.

Note that we obviously do not support the hacking part of Blue Portal, although we certainly appreciate them paying our hosting fees.


Tom Ford Runway Beauty Spring 2015 – The Real Cost of Looking “Expensive and Cool”

October 8, 2014
Tom Ford Runway Beauty Spring 2015

Tom Ford Runway Beauty Spring 2015

I’m obsessed with the beauty look Charlotte Tilbury created for Tom Ford’s Spring 2015 runway show. What’s not to love? It’s edgy without being overdone. When I heard that Tilbury’s description of the look was “expensive and cool”, I couldn’t help but wonder exactly HOW expensive a look this cool would be.

I decided to break down exactly how much it would be to get ALL the products used for the Tom Ford runway beauty look.


What do you guys think? Is it worth it…do you still want it? Can this look be achieved with dupes? I say YES to all of the above. Now, who wants to buy it for me?