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July 2006


Fall 2006 Trend Alert: Thick Red Belts

July 26, 2006

As pictured in the above Fall 2006 Runway photo, thick red belts worn high up on the waist are going to be all the rage for Fall. If you don’t believe me, ask next month’s Vogue or wait and see for yourself.

Or, if you do believe and are like me (read: broke and wanting to be ahead of the curve) — then you’ll snatch up this cute little red patent goodie for only $34.50 before everyone else gets a chance to so you don’t get stuck somewhere paying an arm and a leg.


Just don’t let me catch you somewhere pulling a Kiera Knightley, wearing this adorable accessory as a bra!


Dig This Style: Kate Beckinsale at LAX

July 26, 2006

Kate Beckinsale

Now, I don’t usually post about celebrities and I honestly don’t care one bit about Kate Beckinsale. HOWEVER, I ran across these photographs of her at the Los Angeles International Airport a few days ago and I think her outfit is rather fresh. So I’ve decided to post these pics so that those of you who havent seen these, can ooh and ah at her stylishly trashy style. I love the chunky white belt and humongous bag! Hopefully it didn’t cost 15 thousand dollars though because I DON’T do diamonds OR over-the-top excess.

P.S. Go Team Brunette!


The Cory Kennedy Phenomenon: Steal This Look – August Trends

July 25, 2006

Cory Kennedy

Cory Kennedy – She is the epitome of Trashionista/Hobo Chic (obviously, MY personal favorite subculture of style). If you haven’t heard of her yet, believe me you will. This teenage scene queen has been taking the world by storm. First conquering Hollywood Nightlife before she was even of legal drinking age, she is now spreading her wildfire allure into the pages of Fashion Magazines — most recently, NYLON — capturing the attention of legions of international fans.

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that she has a certain something that makes you stop and look. Personally, I have mixed feelings about the public support of her underage nonstop partygirl lifestyle – however , I’m so feeling the devil-may-care vibe of her style and her fashion sense is on point!

She is definitely a trendsetter and thus, I get a lot of young girls asking about what clothes she is wearing and where to buy them or how to achieve her look, on the online communities that I frequent. Despite her stylishly unkempt appearance, most of the items she wears are designer and are very expensive for the average non-jetsetter-teen-to early 20’s budget.

Cory Kennedy

So….with the help of my favorite cheap.chic shopping spot; dELiAs.cOm, I bring you The Cory Kennedy Experience: FOR LESS.

Yara Bubble Dress ($39.50) Buy 2x bigger than your actual size for that Slouchy, Oversized look.

Pocket Tote ($19.50)

Shell Medallion Necklace ($19.50) Layer this gold shell necklace with a chunky gold chain

Pair all of this with a vintage headscarf, some black maui/hirachi sandals and a smudge of E.L.F.’s Cosmetics Coffee – Brightening Eye Liner ($1.00) under the eyes and you’re ready to go slum it up in style!

Oh yeah, and remember not to brush your hair….have fun kids!

(Cory Kennedy photographs are property of TheCobraSnake)