Fashion Week Backtrack: Day 2, Show 4- ALEXANDRE HERCHCOVITCH

September 11, 2006
Alexandre Herchcovitch Fasion Week Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring 2007 Yoooooooooooo. This was my most anticipated show of the day and with good reason. it was a fun, colorful, zany collection and Alexandre lived up to my expectations and blew my mind. I hate to overuse my aliens take over Spring reference but perhaps I am spotting a trend here? Regardless, I felt transported out of time and space as the floor lit up and this progressive fashion space safari invaded my brain and eyeballs. Patricia Field and the MisShapes sat front row while I sat all the way in the back as little miss nobody but truthfully, I was just grateful to have a seat instead of being forced to practice my en pointe as I had at the Alice Roi show. It was almost sensory overload with colors, patterns and shapes that contrasted and clashed everywhere. There was white, plaid & printed pashminas over leggings with printed police uniforms, golden straw hats and aviator sunglasses, paneled pea-coats with unusual gaps, light fabrics paired with skintight denim overalls - I felt like I was taking a vacation in Crazyland and I loved every single moment of it. If Fashion were a drugtrip, Alexandre Herchcovitch would be a candyflip of LSD and ecstasy. This is the kind of artistic madness that I live for. alexandre hechcovitch spring 07 fashion week alexandre herchcovitch spring 07

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