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The Cory Kennedy Phenomenon: Steal This Look - August Trends

25 July 2006 24 Comments

Cory Kennedy

Cory Kennedy - She is the epitome of Trashionista/Hobo Chic (obviously, MY personal favorite subculture of style). If you haven’t heard of her yet, believe me you will. This teenage scene queen has been taking the world by storm. First conquering Hollywood Nightlife before she was even of legal drinking age, she is now spreading her wildfire allure into the pages of Fashion Magazines — most recently, NYLON — capturing the attention of legions of international fans.

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that she has a certain something that makes you stop and look. Personally, I have mixed feelings about the public support of her underage nonstop partygirl lifestyle - however , I’m so feeling the devil-may-care vibe of her style and her fashion sense is on point!

She is definitely a trendsetter and thus, I get a lot of young girls asking about what clothes she is wearing and where to buy them or how to achieve her look, on the online communities that I frequent. Despite her stylishly unkempt appearance, most of the items she wears are designer and are very expensive for the average non-jetsetter-teen-to early 20’s budget.

Cory Kennedy

So….with the help of my favorite cheap.chic shopping spot; dELiAs.cOm, I bring you The Cory Kennedy Experience: FOR LESS.

Yara Bubble Dress ($39.50) Buy 2x bigger than your actual size for that Slouchy, Oversized look.

Pocket Tote ($19.50)

Shell Medallion Necklace ($19.50) Layer this gold shell necklace with a chunky gold chain

Pair all of this with a vintage headscarf, some black maui/hirachi sandals and a smudge of E.L.F.’s Cosmetics Coffee - Brightening Eye Liner ($1.00) under the eyes and you’re ready to go slum it up in style!

Oh yeah, and remember not to brush your hair….have fun kids!

(Cory Kennedy photographs are property of TheCobraSnake)


  • Styelbites said:

    I know that she’s not the “it” girl anymore but I see a lot of simillarities in the way Kennedy dresses and the way Sienna Miller dresses. Don’t balk!

    It’s really easy to mess up this look. I knew a few NYU girls who thought they had it down. One did and one really missed the mark, everytime. Landed more in baglady-land.

  • pegasus said:

    nice collection…. do you design them urself?

  • The Chosen One said:

    Dude she is so not a trendsetter, NY has had that hipster style going for YEARSSSS. Brooklyn is their Mecca and any Ivy League/7 Sister/rich school is usually their start. Urbn Outfitters has been dedicated to hipster clothes for too long, and basically once corporate America has you pegged you’re pretty much not all that unique.

    I’m sad kids idolize some girl who has to stay high to make it through her wonderful life.

  • Miss Lonely Heart said:

    Yeah, that look has been around NYC for a pretty long time. At Sarah Lawrence, half the girls dress like Cory to varying degrees– and after they graduate, they join the bigger pool of hipsters in Williamsburg. She’s really not so original, she’s just everywhere.

  • andi said:

    i am fifteen, and very much into fashion. i look up to Corey Kennedy. at a time in my life where i need to make my mark not only in High School, but in the world, she inspires me. She dresses her way- Sienna Miller inspo. or not, and shes gorgeous. I can take the fact that most people dont agree, but i just wanted my opinion, which is a very positive one- Voiced.

    corey kennedy,
    me hero.

    - lost fashionista
    -15, NY

  • Mel said:

    NOBODY CAN DRESS LIKE CORY… Please! I’m not a fan of hers, just stopped by to add a little objectivness.

    Buying something similar on a “real store”, like the items that are posted here, will only get you soooo far from Cory’s style. The secret is to get those clothes that nobody else can possibly have cause they are old and not for sale.

    If you want to dress like her, follow that rule. And whatever ridiculous item you find will do, those clothes that nobody -even yourseld- will never consider wearing at the first look. Cause the thing is in how YOU wear it, how it suits. Not everybody can.

  • Stella Kae (author) said:

    Thanks for your input, everyone!

  • dedddoor said:

    Yeah too bad Cory dresses just like the olsen twins. big deal.

  • krista said:

    i agree with the person who wrote this even if youre not a fan of her you just have to stop and look at her because she is so gorgeous even if she does look kind of scraggly she just has a face of a model and she is super skinny. and i know that evey teenaged girl wants to be like her she has a style that every girl wants to achive and i know for a fact that i adore her i think that she needs all this bullcrap she is just a teenager like me and the rest of this population and i dont think anybody should be treated in a way of jealousy and hatered it is just wrong and i know you wouldnt want to be treated the way she is

  • Nathalie said:

    You people are on drugs her fashion is terrible and she’s the ugliest person alive. Her twin is even uglier. She does so much coke her nose is weird.

  • Zey said:

    she looks a lot like my cousin. ’s cool.

  • stanger chic said:

    cory doesnt do drugs, she never did [even the pot] just cause you looked drugged doesnt mean that you are. she gets checked for any possible use of ilegal drugs every week even when she was at the peak of her “stardom”. and you know why she’s such a success at this fashion? although its true that the trashionista street scene style has been on for like forever. its cause she’s actually the only one who got it going on, and she’s the only one whod still look pretty and cute despite the “said trash” she’s putting on. thats why it looked different and new though it isnt really. she didnt let the clothes wear her, unlike most people does. and yes, she uses her mom and possibly even her grandmom’s clothes, and buys used designer clothes. but we all know that when you become famous, designers give you stuff to wear. she had a D&G spread for christ’s sake. and did MIU MIU too.

  • palo said:

    hi! i’m from Argentine and english is not my native language.
    I love cory! she is the best

  • helena said:

    i am from germany and like the clothesfrom can i buy them too??

  • nina said:

    fyi, the clothes she wears are, believe it or not, very expensive. they are all designer clothes. even tho they aren’t put together in a “normal” way…

  • ooooh la. said:

    whats the point of hating on her? she acutally wears a lot of cool designers. Who cares if she didnt invent this style? its not like shes TRYING to be famous, it just happened–chill.

  • Holly said:

    i usually think what she wears is nice…except for a certain white shirt with holes and stains…i didnt think that was the east bit fashionable….i dont think holes in tees like the one she had are ever going to be a trend……another thing dont you kind of feel that she acts like she doesnt care at all so much that it makes her look like she cares a lot…she does.

  • Roberta said:


  • Missy said:

    I’m from ny, so yeah, this type of style has been around for awhile, like i started dressing this way as a kid.
    but i think she is originally,& she pulls the outfits together great.

    & i agree with Mel

  • marji said:


  • MORE . said:

    no entiendo nada ¬¬

  • livvy. said:

    c’mon guys dont be hatin’ she has her own style and shes a beaut, fairplay to her :] xxx

  • belén said:

    I’m from Argentina too -
    in my opinion , she’s just a mini paris hilton but with
    some brain (:
    and yes! she looks gorgeus but that’s because she has that kind of clothes , c’mon !

  • alice said:

    I love her, and I think her style is great! :-)

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