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Mary Kate Olsen’s New Platinum Blonde Look

19 December 2006 19 Comments

Sooo, my new style-wife Mary-Kate Olsen has a new platinum blond look and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it…since I’m team brunette, I might have to trade her in for her darker haired sister - just kidding! Regardless of how her hair looks, her fashion sense is still on point, as always.

Mary Kate Olsen's New Blonde Look

What do all of you think?

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  • frankfurtine said:

    sorry, but i have to disagree… i think she looks even more like a ghost now - somehow really old and sick. and i don’t like the fur thing she’s wearing at all.

    still, compliments for your blog.
    cheers, f.

  • Vie said:

    Err.. honestly, I think she looks really scary! and yeah, I agree with F there. Still love your blog though =)

  • hannah said:

    it’s a rather unfortunate look for her i think. it think it is a colour best reserved for the “healthier” looking ladies.

  • birdie said:

    Is there a pink elephant in the room?? I can’t look past the frighteningly skeletal status of this girl to even notice her hair….And perhaps for entilrely different reasons, I agree with “F” on the 2nd eyesore: the fur. I am not without “blood on my hands” and have in my life worn questionably ethical things, but if we all took the time to learn just how those lovely stoles reach the coat racks, we’d be far less willing to have them on our backs…..And on taht note, um, Happy New Year!

  • kelly said:

    whatever she doesnt look sick she’s just thin. && i think she looks gorgeous and retro-chic. going for the blonde bombshell vintage glamour look is very in. personally, i love the look.

  • Natalie said:

    I think she looks horrible and washed-out. And fuck supporting an industry which slices off the skin of an animal while it’s ALIVE. She’s obviously a self-absorved midget bitch with no heart.

  • Natalie said:

    I meant *absorbed. But yeah, anyone who wears fur or leather is pretty much disgusting in my book.

  • Stella Kae (author) said:

    Do you only wear Vegan shoes then? Cute ones can be hard to find. Let me know if you have any recommendations! BTW, how can you guys tell if the fur is real or not just by that little picture? I personally can’t tell for sure in this pic.

  • Baz said:

    just to say that i love the way mary kate dresses, iaf i meet a girl with a style as cool as mk’s…i’ll throw my gf away!

    xx.The French Kid

  • Samantha said:

    I think she looks REALLY ugly and old. I liked it better when she was a brunette.

  • Samantha said:

    She makes me want to BARF!

  • ker said:

    what is grunge and rockNroll? totally washed out and all-bleached-go-for-it platinum blonde? i think it makes her look more genuinely sexier. all you have to say thanks to her currently grunge’d out boyfriend, maxwell snow.

  • manon du montcel said:

    she is naturally cute and creative, i can see that in her eyes and postures, but she tries too hard. it is obvious to me. (she’s become insecure somewhere in herself.) yet, i can see potential … she just needs to relax and not care what anyone else thinks and whatever she does will be awesome. …

  • claire said:

    um. . this isn’t a great photo of mk. but if you have nothing nice to say about her ? say nothing. seriously she’s like a fashion icon. it’s not like your the one wearing the furr. get over it. not one of you KNOW her personally. so you can’t tell her personality by whats in her eyes ? she could be the most out going person or the most shy. whatever its a picture.

  • viv said:

    mary kate is my hero and she looks brilliant as always! i’m loving the fur and the peroxide, and how come no-one’s mentioned that awesome hand-bag yet? she does retro chic in such a quirky way!

  • marji said:

    pokoknya dia tetep kaya

    honestly she still RICH!!!


  • Taylor said:

    Mary-kate Olsen isn’t as cute as Ashley Olsen. They look a little different, and Ashley is the cute one. This look would be hot on Mary-Kate (honestly platinum blonde hair with dark pink lipstick is a hot look anyway)if she wasn’t so skinny. I have platinum blonde hair myself and I LOVE it. It looks good, but only on chihcs that arent anorexic. Sorry Mary Kate, if you want to pull off this look, gain a few pounds and get into a tanning bed once in a while so your not so ghostly pale. :-)

  • SttL said:

    Wow haterss MK is beautiful . whats with ppl these days always being mean and saying rude shit . i bet she is hotter then all those who comment this.

  • Em said:

    i truely love her style but i may say that in my opion which is guess is the same as nothing. i think its not such a great look. her choice, her life. up to her.

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