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Vintage Inspiration: Spring 2007 – Françoise Hardy

April 23, 2007

Francoise Hardy

Recently, my life’s greatest influences in terms of style, art, creativity, have been from 1960s France. Last year around this time, my style icon was Jane Birkin. Now, for Spring/Summer 2007, I am looking to the beautiful Yé-yé princess Françoise Hardy for fashion (and beauty) inspiration.

Francophile Fashion Icon Francoise Hardy

With her messy sexy, heavily fringed light golden brown hair–perfectly framing her strong square face, eyebrows as full as her neutral-stained pouty lips, and mostly minimal, somewhat menswear-inspired outfits, it is easy to see why she has been a muse to tastemakers like Bob Dylan and Balenciaga’s Nicolas Ghesquière.

Francophile Fashion Icon Francoise Hardy

If you pay close attention to Françoise’s personal style, you can tell that in addition to her favorite accessory; an acoustic guitar–she also loved boots, leather, the color blue, and a really good Spring coat!

Francoise Hardy

I have to admit that I haven’t perfected my recipe for the ultimate Françoise Hardy S/S 07 look, but I’m thinking that Alice Ritter’s current collection might be a good place to start. *sigh* Oh Alice, my love…that’s another blog post in itself. Hell, I could probably devote an entire blog to my fascination with her designs. Anyway…

Anyone have any good ideas for achieving this look?