Geek Chic: Pumping Style into the World of Academia

October 5, 2008

Academia is often a tedious world, but amongst the books, sharpened pencils and chalkboards, there is still, thankfully, room for fashion. Think about channeling a female equivalent of Seth Cohen and you’ll be on the right track. While some associate the “Geek” label with the likes of Weird Al Yankovic and his “white and nerdy” endeavors, other more fashion-learned individuals, such as Kate Williams of Nylon Magazine, find geekdom; “tremendously cool”. Fashion these days no longer favors the “empty-minded”: brainy has overruled, and instead of glittery clubs, libraries have become the backdrop for some of the latest and boldest fashion statements.

From brogues to knee-socks to glasses, the sartorial sphere is screaming “nerd ” from all directions. It goes to show that we should be nice to geeks, because the day has come, but instead of working for one, we have started dressing like one. Here, in sync with the numbered photograph are some handy tips on how to dress like a dork. It is not a difficult look, but it is important that it not seem contrived for there is nothing worse than a blonde bimbo using it as a last attempt in appearing intelligent.

1. Braided on top- this is a practical hairstyle, one that won’t need any maintenance during the day. It will stay fixed and tidy- in the same way your brain should during studying.

2. Accessories should be minimal. There is nothing more infuriating than a pile of bangles getting in the way or clanking incessantly while writing or taking notes.

3. Elastic Waistband: Perfect in comfort and style. Elastic won’t feel restrictive when you are sitting studying or reading for long periods of time. Drainpipe jeans or a lycra pencil skirt are definitely not components of a library outfit, save those for Saturday night.

4. Pockets: Can carry everything from your lip balm to your blackberry to your pens, pencils, and ruler. They keep your hands free to carry books, binders etc.

5. Elastic& cuffed sleeves: keeps you from having to continuously roll your sleeves up while also preventing them from sliding down over your wrists while you are writing and reading.

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