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MJK x Farinelli’s Hits D.C.’s Hood

December 12, 2008

Local denim guru Mauro Farinelli — formerly of The Denim Bar — opened his self-titled boutique Farinelli’s mere months ago in Arlington, Va. (with a brand-new sister store in Reston), and already is launching the first of his collaborations with Iowa-based e-clothier Michael J. Krell.  Krell — known for experimenting with breathable, comfortable fabrics like bamboo, as well as an eclectic collection of outerwear ranging from tartan-lined hoodies to coats made from deadstock Burberry fabric — certainly didn’t slump when it came to the details on this first project.

The duo sought to create a piece suitable for all-around wear in the variable D.C.-area climate, so the fabrication is 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, with buttons made from horn, assuring comfort and style in a plethora of conditions.  The hood is slightly-oversized and the sleeves can be worn long with the thumbs through (for a more femme look) or fastened back for a classier vibe.  Definitely a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” piece, many sizes have already sold out.

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Photos courtesy of Michael J. Krell via StyleForum

_by Jian DeLeon


People Watch: Volume 5 – Richie Jackson

September 5, 2008

Richie Jackson in London.
Meet Richie Jackson. Maybe some of you already know of him from his part in Death Skateboard’s ‘Escape from Boredom‘, but when we encountered him one sleepless night, it was his extraordinary vintage style that inspired us. Now, there are a lot of skaters with style — great style even. We just can’t say there are any with style quite like Richie Jackson. Not only does he have amazing clothes and a sick ‘stache, but he’s also a genuinely nice guy who gives the best advice.

The bottom line is that he’s all-around rad and we love him.

Without further adieu, we bring you the first Fall 2008 installment of People Watch…


Name: Richard Stephen Lawrence Jackson

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Alias: Richie Jackson

Age: 22

Occupation: Skateboarder

Sponsors: Death skateboards, Ipath footwear, Pig wheels, Ashbury eyewear.


What are you wearing right now: Striped pantaloons tucked into black leather boots, Velvet waistcoat with matching blazer, and a 17th century hat with blue-footed booby feather.

Style Idols/Inspirations: Free thinkers and freaks of yesteryear.

What are you most known for in the context of skating: The brilliantly strange

What are you most known for outside of skating: The strangely brilliant

What brand of mustache wax do you use: During the rainy season in tropical Asia, an endangered animal called the Pangolin secretes a musky substance from beneath it’s scales which is said to be as strong as superglue, yet as moldable as clay. It is illegally collected and exported by Malaysian hunters in very scarce amounts, so every year I arrange to have a vial of it shipped from the Prehentian Islands and delivered to my estate in Sydney. I find that just a few drops from this rare animal keeps my mustache in place for days.

What is your current theme song: “Philosopher” by Yellowstone and Voice.

Any favorite brands/designers: None. Unfortunately my knowledge of the world in the 21st century is not good.

What did you dress like as a kid: Being a child of the 1980’s, I was clothed head to toe in fluorescent fabrics, featuring triangular prints referencing popular surf destinations – such was the style at the time.

Favorite thing to do when you’re not skating: There’s lots of things. I like being in the wild as much as I like being in the street. I’m usually wandering around one city or another, looking for the answer. Searching for anything is fun. Man’s quest is never over!


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People Watch Volume 2: Straight from Sao Paulo, Brazil…It’s your boy, AFROBOTS!

September 29, 2006

Afrobots People Watch
Meet Afrobots. It is my pleasure to introduce you to a person whom I believe to be ‘The Next Big Thing‘. It is no secret that this stylish Brazilian is a great friend of mine, but even if he were my worst enemy, there would be no denying his incredible musical talent or fresh fashion sense. His songs make me dance my ass off and it was a mutual love of Alexandre Herchcovitch that brought us together. Are you in love yet?


Rico Dolce Riot AKA AFROBOTS
Age: of the wolf
Occupation: missionary of the love revolution

Who had the best Fashion Week Parties? Performing at Stereo was pretty cool, I also had fun performing at The Ruff Club. Watching James Brown and 2many DJ’s at the Diesel party was dope. The location of the Collete party was pretty funny, but I must say the best party of the week was at my girl Barbara’s apartment. She just put the the best group of people together…so much fun!!! Hands down the best hang of the week.

What’s your current theme song?
It’s Alright by Pet Shop Boys.

In one of your songs, you say: “I like your outfit, Girl“…what is the type of outfit you are referencing? I’m not referencing any outfit in particular. I’m more celebrating the effort that girls put into their style. It’s nice to see a woman rockin a classy dress on her way to work. It’s sexy to look at a chick all sassy in her gym clothes. It’s dope to see a mamacita sporting vintage gear on her way to the club. I’m just thankful for the effort ladies…I like your outfit Girls (singing).

Do you plan on making a remix where you say “I hate your outfit, Girl“? If you do, I think it should be about me. What do you think? I’m a missionary! Missionaries don’t hate! Plus, I’m feeling your Mother Teresa vibe! 🙂

What top-secret superhero projects do you have in the works right now? I’m conspiring to take over the world as AFROBOTS; my musical answer for drug overdoses, and emo haircuts. I’ve got a limited edition t-shirt line in the works called “most hated”. Our slogan is “burning bridges…building empires”.


NYLON for Guys feat. Diddy (I lose the war against wack celebrity covers)

September 20, 2006

Diddy, NYLON for Guys

You guys remember that I got really upset when NYLON featured Avril Lavigne on their cover? Well, I’m still VERY annoyed by that but for some reason Diddy on the cover of this NYLON for Guys doesn’t bother me as much. Maybe it’s because I respect him more? (even though I’m not a fan) or because it’s more of a Men’s lifestyle magazine so I can’t really go on my tirade about actual Fashion. I’m not quite sure but if that makes me hypocritical, so be it.

I subscribed to NYLON guys a while ago and despite the fact that the cover says “not for girls”, I read it anyway and always really enjoy it. It kind of reminds me of a masculine version of the older days of NYLON that I’ve been longing for. A little smaller, a little more obscure, a bit more intimate. The editorial is great and I especially dug the bit on Freddy Krueger sweaters. So…even though theres a wack celebrity on the cover and even though it’s not for girls, I really love it and will be looking forward to the next issue.

I just thought that to be fair, if I am willing to diss someone publicly when they do bad, then I should be equally willing to praise them when they do good.

You can check it out for free online here: