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FKA Twigs

August 7, 2013

FKA Twigs. Strange name. Great sound. Post-dubstep (take the good things about dubstep, turn the volume down, slow or eliminate the “whoomp,” tell the boys to sit down and unclinch their fists and add lyrics with beauty).

She’s on the label Young Turks, (which is a name referring to a Turkish national reform party, but morphed into meaning a young person with new ideas and history lesson, history lesson, history lesson etc.) home to The XX, SBTRKT and other forwarding-thinking artists.

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Things We Like: September Edition

September 4, 2011

Underground designers, Las Vegas lounge-throwback, So-Cal love, the sexiest R&B in our lifetime (outside of Jodeci) & post-dubstep.

A$AP Rocky “Purple Swag”
“Raf Simmons, Rick Owens usually what I’m dressed in…”

Lana Del Rey “Video Games”

Chola Rap

The Weeknd “Thursday”



Fashionably Late “Albums We Missed from 2010”

March 24, 2011

It’s sometime in March and we’re feeling good about ourselves, listening to the best the current year has offered so far and still loving last year’s albums and then BAM! our world spins out of control and we find out there was good, no wait, incredible records we completely missed. Sometimes they are over-hyped, sometimes they just have bad names or boring cover art (sorry, design is important) & sometimes we just weren’t cool enough to hear about them but we missed them. This happens to us every year, so we can’t be the only ones, but here we’ll get to some of the best that we missed.

We will be the first and maybe only to admit we weren’t the coolest all year so here follows a list of things we missed the boat on. Throw us a few life vests ok?

Spoek Mathambo “Mshini Wam” Mshini Wam - Spoek Mathambo

Dancey, South African rap, nouveau grime dubbed Township Tech. No one is to miss his cover of Joy Division (featured here).

Women “Public Strain” Public Strain - Women

Lo-fi, delicate, noise act Women are on Chad VanGaalen’s Flemish Eye and released “Public Strain” before they broke-up and then got back together and broke-up again, we can’t keep up.

Titus Andronicus “The Monitor” The Monitor - Titus Andronicus

It took us a few listens to really get into it, but we’re glad we did. It’s really fun bar rock. from Jersey, duh.

Tame Impale “Innerspeaker” InnerSpeaker - Tame Impala

Neo-psychedelia from Australia in it’s purest form and greatest display.

Twin Shadows “Forget” Forget - Twin Shadow

“Castles in the Snow” on repeat.

Gayngs “Relayted” Relayted - Gayngs

Smoothest album for love-making of 2010. Soft-rock & R & B plus Bon Iver is a member. Gayngs is about 15 plus deep and worth every member’s contribution.

Abe Vigoda “Crush” Crush - Abe Vigoda

The Cure in the present with an Inland Empire sense of solitude.

The Morning Benders “Big Echo” Big Echo - The Morning Benders

Big, beautiful and full baroque pop, it’s quite an amazing sound.

Fresh and Onlys “Play It Strange” Play It Strange - The Fresh & Onlys

Psychedelic pop beautifully executed by this band.