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Trashionista.net was born from the gutters of chaos & heartbreak on February 17, 2006.

After hitting rock bottom in 2005–which led to a stint in rehab, a gnarly breakup, and relocating across the country–Trashionista.net founder Stella Kae found herself homeless, jobless, clothesless, and penniless.

Once a well-manicured, Betsey Johnson wearing, Marc Jacobs toting glamour-girl, she was reduced to dirty fingernails, cutting her own hair, and literally stealing clothing from thrift-stores. She couldn’t imagine how she would ever find another job in that state.

After many sleepless nights of deliberation, she decided to try her hand at freelance fashion journalism. That way it didn’t matter if she had money (she could write from anywhere and it wouldn’t cost her anything), no-one would have to see her, and she could write about one of the few things that had held her interest since childhood–fashion. She sent pitches, queries, and requests for writers guidelines to every fashion magazine she could think of. While waiting for replies and rejections, she decided to pass the time by blogging fashion. The name ‘Trashionista’ was chosen because it was (and still is) an accurate reflection of her grungy low-end personal aesthetic.  

To date, Trashionista.net reaches over 800,000 unique readers in 148 countries and was one of the first fashion blogs to be officially allowed inside the tents at fashion week.

On June 12, 2007, Trashionista.net went on hiatus while Kae pursued a career in makeup artistry. In June 2008, she moved back to her hometown of Los Angeles to work with the prestigious Cloutier Agency. On August 30, 2008, Kae partnered up with longtime friend Kwasi Brown to relaunch Trashionista.net as a full-fledged online lifestyle publication focusing on their combined passions: fashion, beauty,  music, culture, action sports, art, and styles of decades past (as of this date, Stella Kae has been drug-free for 2 years 7 months 23 days–and counting).