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(excerpt reprinted from Metro.Pop Magazine #26)

“Are our images too dark? I think they might be.” The suddenly rhetorical question and its reply are voiced by Clayton Webster, of the husband-and-wife design duo that created Cerre, a diabolical new handbag line so spellbinding, it has even some Vegans dreaming of carrying their luxurious leather goods.

The stark images, expertly shot by sought-after photographer Rob Giampa, capture the brand’s essence perfectly — iniquitous, powerful, evil. Evil? Yes, evil. Evil of the most delicious kind. The kind of self-serving evil that encourages you to indulge yourself with a beautiful new oversized handbag when you should be buying a friend a wedding present, or tucking cash away for a rainy day.

“We tried to minimize the use of hardware and anything that would take away from the impact of the leather, which is beautiful textured Italian calfskin,” says Clayton of the current collection. “The main detail elements on all the bags are the straps, which weave in and out of the body, giving the impression that they are continuous and connected. We also hot-branded the ‘Cerre eclipse’ on one side of each bag. Our second collection will be more extreme in terms of materials: fur, custom-designed hardware and bones…”

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