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[30 Jan 2007 | No Comment | ]

Stylehive Spotlight: From trash, comes treasure! Ashley Watson’s Recycled Leather Bags are downtown-cool, eco-friendly bags fashioned from recycled leather clothing.
Koibox drama irks Blogdorf Goodman!
Girlawhirl can’t stop smiling when she wears PlantLove lippy from Cargo Cosmetics
The Jewelry Weblog gives her opinion concerning the latest trend of embellishing clothing with gemstones.
eBeautyDaily tells you how to keep your lips kissably soft in the wintertime!

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[19 Dec 2006 | 16 Comments | ]

Sooo, my new style-wife Mary-Kate Olsen has a new platinum blond look and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it…since I’m team brunette, I might have to trade her in for her darker haired sister - just kidding! Regardless of how her hair looks, her fashion sense is still on point, as always.

What do all of you think?

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[27 Oct 2006 | 6 Comments | ]

Outrageous Halloween Makeup ideas from the 80’s. [TheBeautyNewsletter]
Confessions of a nightstand show-off. [BeautyAddict]
More Marie Antoinette beauty madness, whoa! [BlogdorfGoodman]
Yes, there is always room for another shimmer powder. [MakeupBag]

True beauty comes from inside…inside of a bottle of water. [BonBonsITB]
The lowdown on the high-end European skincare line, Rilastil. [FashionTribes]
DIY wefting for those who want unbeweavable hair. [eBeautyDaily]
How to be nude, without being naked. [TheMakeupGirl]

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[26 Oct 2006 | One Comment | ]

Honestly, I was never a big Kirsten Dunst fan so I thought I might end up annoyed when I heard the talk of her starring in another Coppola film but this fashionable movie craze has been loads of fun so far!
Here’s my contribution to the francophilia mayhem with a favorite beauty pick of the week, inspired by the world’s most famous Queen of Excess:

Sephora’s Marie-Antoinette Necklace is a chic gold locket, with a black faceted stone, dangling boldly from a 37 inch velvet cord and filled with yummy glittery lipgloss. …