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Yeohlee Fall/Winter 2007 Runway Review

February 4, 2007

Yeohlee Fall Winter 2007 Runway Review

Setting the tone of the show was a lone accordion player, who provided a structured and eccentric soundtrack for the androgynous models as they walked down the runway appearing completely devoid of emotion.

The highly architectural collection referenced Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish Catalan Architect of the late 1800’s, who was famous for his unique style and highly individualistic designs – much like Yeohlee herself.

The array of textural materials included felted woolens, membrane-like cotton, featherweight silk organdy woven with undulating velvet stripes and metallic taffetas embroidered with a granular rice pattern. The color palette was subtle, based mostly on black, white and various shades of grey.

A standout piece was the very first look of the evening, a striking stretch felted wool coat in grey that was ovoid in shape with a crisp, structured collar that folded around the model’s shoulders and neck in a futuristic manner and could be adjusted into a hood at the wearers discretion.

Although it is unclear if this is a completely wearable collection for most in their current day to day lives, Yeohlee’s impressive designs are definitely the wave of the future and all in all, quite an amazing work of art to see.

For more pictures of this collection, please visit my Yeohlee Photo Gallery on!


Alice Ritter: Trashionista’s Exclusive Interview!

February 4, 2007

Alice Ritter Fall 2007 Runway Photo

Alice Ritter Fall 2007 Collection Runway Photo: Getty Images

How and when did you first begin making clothing?

I started making clothes when I moved to NYC 9 years ago. I came from Paris where I was working for a record company as a publicist — but I had always dreamed of being a fashion designer! So when I followed my then boyfriend-now husband to New York, I thought it would be a good time to follow my true passion. I bought a sewing machine, ripped apart vintage clothes to figure out how they were made and started to do clothes for myself.

After a few years of doing stuff for my friends, I moved to Brooklyn where I started to sell to a great store there. That was 5 years ago. I was doing one of kind pieces, all handmade and home made…which was a great way to learn…and to get out of my system some bad ideas! I really started to work on the ready to wear collection 2 years ago.

How has your birthplace influenced your designs?

France is a huge influence! Of course it’s where I grew up and I believe nothing is more influential than your years as a kid.

France has a very strict and strong sense of style — from the ‘back to school’ little navy coat to the powerful masters of haute couture, French people don’t mess around with fashion!

I grew up admiring Yves Saint Laurent and Lagerfeld, who had freshly arrived at Chanel. I would never miss an issue of French Vogue, spending all my allowance money buying it. As a result, the classic French style, the bourgeois style and the brilliant haute couture are two of my primary inspirations.

What is your design philosophy?

I design clothes that are meant to be worn. Every piece I put out I would wear myself or picture one of my stylish friends wearing it on an everyday basis. I greatly admire conceptual designers like Rei Kawakubo or Tao but I’m good at every day clothes with a twist. My designs are feminine and bold. I like clothes with humour as well.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

The spectrum of my inspiration is vast. From movies, to art, to music, I also find inspiration walking in the street of New York or admiring the great elegant women of our day: Sofia Coppola, Charlotte Gainsbourg…

What kind of person do you imagine wearing your clothing?

I picture a lively, smart and witty woman who would have a good sense of who she is and what she wants to wear. A woman who would not be afraid of taking risks but you would also know that trends should never outsmart personal style.

Describe your current collection:

It’s definitely about shape, fitting the body in different ways. Finding sexiness in new places. It also has a romantic edge. I’ve always been drawn to romanticism. It’s in my blood. I think the strongest pieces are the dresses and today it’s all about a good dress. I love the fact that you can be at your best wearing one dress! It’s a very modern way of dressing.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I’m currently working on knit and print…2 new ventures for me — both very inspiring! I hope it won’t be long before I develop a line of shoes. The ultimate statement would be a scent! It’s hard for me to find a perfume that doesn’t smell synthetic nowadays. I wear a Comme des Garcons incense perfume and I would love to work on something in that spirit, a scent that comes from the skin.


People Watch Vol. 3: Fashion Week Edition Pt. 1

February 3, 2007

Pictures from day 1. Enjoy the show!

Fashion Week People Watch Street Style
Encountered this lovely lady inside the LYCRA tent. Bedhead, natural makeup and perfectly mismatched style! Do you love her? I think she’s great! A nice diversion from from the wide assortment of all-black or neutrals I had been seeing most of the day.

Fashion Week People Watch Street Style
Anyone recognize this statuesque hottie? Why yes, it’s my good friend Rachel Michaela from Style Bites, looking very much like the awesome stylist that she is in her slammin’ wide-legged, high-waisted pants!

Fashion Week People Watch Street Style
Spotted this French cutie — a fashion photographer from ‘Adam Magazine’ — and just had to take his pic. Anyone rockin’ chops and chucks to fashion week gets my vote! Plus, check out his cool gun/wallet chain accessory. This guy just oozes Rockabilly-nouveau chic!

Fashion Week People Watch Street Style
Another friend of mine, Kristen Kelly aka Beauty Addict, got swarmed by Fashion File TV and Japanese photographers when she stepped on the scene is this killer outfit and it’s easy to see why! Sidenote: I wonder where she got those super fresh shoes?!!!