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MJK x Farinelli’s Hits D.C.’s Hood

December 12, 2008

Local denim guru Mauro Farinelli — formerly of The Denim Bar — opened his self-titled boutique Farinelli’s mere months ago in Arlington, Va. (with a brand-new sister store in Reston), and already is launching the first of his collaborations with Iowa-based e-clothier Michael J. Krell.  Krell — known for experimenting with breathable, comfortable fabrics like bamboo, as well as an eclectic collection of outerwear ranging from tartan-lined hoodies to coats made from deadstock Burberry fabric — certainly didn’t slump when it came to the details on this first project.

The duo sought to create a piece suitable for all-around wear in the variable D.C.-area climate, so the fabrication is 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, with buttons made from horn, assuring comfort and style in a plethora of conditions.  The hood is slightly-oversized and the sleeves can be worn long with the thumbs through (for a more femme look) or fastened back for a classier vibe.  Definitely a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” piece, many sizes have already sold out.

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Photos courtesy of Michael J. Krell via StyleForum

_by Jian DeLeon


UO Raises Bar On Menswear, Lower Price-Points.

December 9, 2008

Recently the Philly-based retail chain has been upping its game in terms of house-produced lines. While its UK counterpart carries designers like JLindeberg, Thomas Burberry, and Paul Smith, the domestic selection has been spotty at best, with some notable diamonds in the rough (such as footwear brand Sneaky Steve and pieces from the Converse by John Varvatos line).

The company’s notoriously-conservative CEO, Dick Hayne — who long ago admitted to handing over the creative reins to a younger generation — is slowly proving that the almost 40-year-old retailer may have found its second wind.  Taking a cue from H&M, the company enlisted the help of “it” designers like Geren Lockhart and Charlotte Ronson, who released capsule collections at a more accessible price-point. However, it wasn’t until Steven Alan’s “Lark & Wolff” line that we saw any menswear.

From that point on, lines like byCORPUS introduced some very interesting men’s pieces to Urban’s repertoire, followed by B100, an exclusively-male line of knits by the fleece fanatics at B.Son. While the quality definitely isn’t the same, both lines sucessfully emulate the aesthetic of their original designers. B100’s high-zip zood is a suitable understudy for the wildly-popular B.Son mock neck that’s been circulating around the Buy & Sell threads on forums like Superfuture for ages. While nothing can truly replace the original, the lower-priced pieces provide a great introduction to these lesser-known brands.

Urban recently unveiled its latest collaboration, a footwear line called Generic Surplus, courtesy of the understated artisans at The Generic Man. The line consists of two models, a brogued wingtip lowtop and a subtle high-top. Both come in muted colors and are made of canvas and suede, and retail at $70.00, which is really a steal considering TGM’s normal collection runs at around $240, and in times like these, you need all the deals you can get.

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_by Jian DeLeon


American Apparel Sells Out – Literally!!!

December 19, 2006

It’s no secret that I am and always have been a supporter of purported mega-pervert Dov Charney and his casual clothing chain, American Apparel — despite the fact that the seams on my clothing from them sometimes unravel — so my reaction to to the news of American Apparel being sold to Endeavor Acquisition Corporation for $382.5 million is, well…mixed.

American Apparel Sells Out to Investment Corporation

I like Dov so on one hand, I am very happy for him and any success he encounters in life. And, just like a Starbucks of the t-shirt world, American Apparel is already on every street corner so it’s not as if AA is some obscure little secret that is going to be leaked out to the rest of the TRL-watching world. Also, with more backup funding available for production costs, maybe the quality of clothing will increase but I can’t help but wonder “at what cost?”. Since both companies refuse to comment on the details of the transaction, I can only speculate. For me, a lot of AA’s appeal came from the fact that everything was made in the good ol’ U.S. of A — my hometown, specifically…while Endeavor is known to farm out their work overseas. I am hoping that the former will not change.

I guess only time will tell.


Fall Fashion Focus: Footwear Trends – Oxfords, Oxfords, Oxfords Everywhere!!!

October 3, 2006

Sabyasachi Sartorialist Vena Cava

Metro.Pop‘s August/September issue featured a beautiful editorial called “Seeing Double” (shot by Sarah McColgan and Styled by Beba Knight), that featured several models sporting Butter Yellow Oxfords by Wunderkind.

At New York Fashion Week, Men’s-style Oxfords seemed to be the footwear of choice as well, showing up everywhere from the Sabyasachi runway show to the Vena Cava presentation.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the term ‘Oxford’, it is a lace up shoe with a thin sole, that originated in Scotland and is typically constructed of heavy leather. It is generally thought of as a Men’s Dress Shoe — I believe my Father used to wear them to church.

Image belongs to & Sartorialist

This is a look that works on the streets as well, The Sartorialist captured a really great shot in Paris of Teen Vogue‘s Gloria Baume rocking oxfords with white socks and her trench coat. I’m loving it!

My pick for really wonderful, high-quality, yet affordable Oxfords, is the ‘Gretta’ by Delman Shoes, made of tumbled-grain calfskin:

Gretta Calfskin Oxford by Delman ShoesDelman Shoes at Bluefly Calfskin

They come in Black, Khaki, Light Brown, Natural and are available for $159.00 at