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Trashionista’s Dream Wedding Looks!!!

January 16, 2007

For The Bride Cover Shot Dream Wedding

When I was a little girl, I never fantasized about my wedding and even as an adult, I have mostly had little to no interest in marriage and find most wedding attire to be bland at best, revolting at worst. So imagine my surprise when I laid my eyes on these pages and honestly thought to myself “These are my dream wedding looks!”.

Because of that, I would like to share a few of them with all of you, my readers. Perhaps there are some unconventional Brides-to-Be out there somewhere who can be inspired by these looks as well.

For The Bride Trashionista Dream Wedding
For The Bride Trashionista Dream Wedding
For The Bride Trashionista Dream Wedding
For The Bride Trashionista Dream Wedding

To see the full-size versions or a couple more of these looks, visit my flickr account.



The 1st Annual Trashionista Awards – Trashionista Style Icon 2006

October 30, 2006

I’ve decided to crown a ‘Queen of Trashionista’ for 2006. Here are my nominations for the ultimate in Hobo Chic:

1. Cobrasnake Cutie, Cory Kennedy

Cory Kennedy

2. Mini Mega-Mogul, Mary Kate Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen

3. Celluloid Darling, Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny

4. Alt. Model, Audrey Kitching

Audrey Kitching

Cast your vote here or nominate someone that I didn’t think of! They don’t have to be famous or well-known, they just have to be able to rock the Nouveau-Grunge style like nobodies business!!!!

I wish I could think of some ethnic girls to nominate. *sigh*


Selected Images from the Viktor and Rolf Fashion Marriage to H&M

October 30, 2006

Everyone looked great, especially the designers. My idol Chloe Sevigny was there. Christina Milian and Carmen Electra showed up wearing nearly identical outfits (from the collection). Yikes! Already I don’t want that shirt because obviously everyone and their brother is going to have it.

I still don’t have a formal opinion of the clothes. I’ll have to look at them more, in the flesh, when they arrive at H&M on November 9th.

Chloe Sevigny at Viktor and Rolf

Carmen Electra@Viktor Rolf H&M Event

Christina Milian in Bel-Air H&M Event

The Designers, Viktor and Rolf, at their event

As far as the clothes, this is my favorite look from the collection. I really, really like the skirt:

Viktor & Rolf Runway Show for H&M

…and here are some others:

Viktor & Rolf for H&M

Viktor & Rolf for H&M

Viktor & Rolf for H&M