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[16 Jan 2007 | 2 Comments | ]

So, Chocowitz and I were at our local Joann craft store a few days ago looking at unicorn stencils and other randomness when he showed me this wedding publication that I had never heard of, called ‘For The Bride’, after the brunette cover girl with thick blunt bangs caught his eye.

I thought she was adorable too so I flipped through the magazine and WOW, I absolutely fell in love with this editorial! When I was a little girl, I never fantasized about my wedding and even as an adult, I …

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[10 Jan 2007 | 14 Comments | ]

Another GO Designer arrives at Target February 4 and it’s Proenza Schouler!!!
Are you shocked? I admit that I was a *little* when I first read that but I love Proenza Schouler and have absolutely nothing against designer clothes being more accessible to the mass-market through lower price points. It makes designers stinkin’ rich and keeps people who can’t afford to shop at high-end boutiques happy. Sure, it might dilute the feeling of exclusivity for some snobby fashionistas but hey, more and more designers are doing this so they might as …

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[5 Oct 2006 | 2 Comments | ]

Fendi Metallic Flannel High-Waisted Trouser - $800.00

Fendi Peep Toe Patent Pump - $510.00

Missoni Limes Cashmere Cape - $1,275.00
Sorry folks, I’m fresh out of witty copy. I’m not feeling well but I quickly grew tired of seeing Benji Madden and Steve Aoki at the top of my page. I’ve been trying to be less critical of people lately and you see where it gets me? I’m probably better off being a hater. I’m going to go lay down now. I’ll write some better stuff later…in the meantime, just drool.
Also, please know …

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[3 Oct 2006 | 6 Comments | ]

Metro.Pop’s August/September issue featured a beautiful editorial called “Seeing Double” (shot by Sarah McColgan and Styled by Beba Knight), that featured several models sporting Butter Yellow Oxfords by Wunderkind.
At New York Fashion Week, Men’s-style Oxfords seemed to be the footwear of choice as well, showing up everywhere from the Sabyasachi runway show to the Vena Cava presentation.
Just in case you are unfamiliar with the term ‘Oxford’, it is a lace up shoe with a thin sole, that originated in Scotland and is typically constructed of heavy leather. It is generally …

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[25 Jul 2006 | 20 Comments | ]

Cory Kennedy - She is the epitome of Trashionista/Hobo Chic (obviously, MY personal favorite subculture of style). If you haven’t heard of her yet, believe me you will. This teenage scene queen has been taking the world by storm. First conquering Hollywood Nightlife before she was even of legal drinking age, she is now spreading her wildfire allure into the pages of Fashion Magazines — most recently, NYLON — capturing the attention of legions of international fans.
Love her or hate her, you have to admit that she has a certain …

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[19 Jul 2006 | One Comment | ]

I love thermals. Always have, always will. I’m a TRUE Trashionista so I honestly don’t care if their in season, in style or even in decent condition. They bring about fond childhood memories, are cute and comfortable as can be. I can wear them from the bed or out and about with my jeans — I don’t care.
Theyre one of my permanent-favorite wardrobe staples and this Foley Zebra Print Thermal exceeds all of my requirements because not only is it a thermal, but it also happens to be crazy stylish …