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The Best in Blog (Fashion Edition, Part 1): Stella’s Picks for January 19-25

January 26, 2007

Miuccia Prada Cell Phone Aesthetics + Economics

    The Aesthetics+Economist’s take on Miuccia’s Mobile.

    To Chanel or not to Chanel, Bag Snob ponders her role in the shopping habits of bag addicts.

    Coquette follows Kate Moss as she moves from skinny to wide-leg jeans. New trend alert from our favorite fashionista?

    “Television and style go hand in hand but have we lost our fashion role models?” asks Stylebites.

    Every year you ought to upgrade your arm candy. So consider hottie hunting for a new boy, and check KRiSTOPHER Duke’s Top 5 bags for Spring!

    My Fashion Life reviews Felipe Olivera Baptista’s horse play at Haute Couture week.


Proenza Schouler for Target

January 10, 2007

Another GO Designer arrives at Target February 4 and it’s Proenza Schouler!!!

Are you shocked? I admit that I was a *little* when I first read that but I love Proenza Schouler and have absolutely nothing against designer clothes being more accessible to the mass-market through lower price points. It makes designers stinkin’ rich and keeps people who can’t afford to shop at high-end boutiques happy. Sure, it might dilute the feeling of exclusivity for some snobby fashionistas but hey, more and more designers are doing this so they might as well get used to it.

Here are some of the looks:

Proenza Schouler for Target GO InternationalProenza Schouler for Target GO International
Proenza Schouler for Target GO InternationalProenza Schouler for Target GO International

I think they look pretty rad. Probably the best one of these Target ‘Go International’ things, yet. What do you guys think?


The Best in Blog: Fashion Edition – Stella’s Picks for October 20-27

October 31, 2006

Stylehive blogs about this Liza top

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  • The tunic just got sculptural with the Liza top by Katrin. [StyleHive]
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  • The perfect leggings for a no-leggings girl. [PapierDoll]
  • The lowdown on the best Fall Flats, ever. [Coquette]
  • Net-a-Porter is having a 50% off sale!!! [BagSnob]
  • Weigh in on the newest heavyweight jewelry for men. [JewelryWeblog]